Once in a while, say, when you are creating a store flier or a daily menu, you may come across the need for adding an accent mark to a letter (Beyoncé) or copyright circle (®) after a word. Or maybe you are wondering when to use an “em dash” (—) rather than an “en dash” (–). Whenever you’ll need special typography wisdom in the future, you’ll be glad you’ve bookmarked the following page:


Thanks to some amazingly helpful work by Jeremiah Shoaf of the website TypeWolf.com, the link above will take you to a comprehensive overview of almost everything you need to know about the finer points of typography—including keyboard shortcuts for Mac and Windows, HTML entities.

font help

If you bookmark that page (http://www.typewolf.com/cheatsheet),  anytime you need one of those hard-to-remember styles, you can simply copy the character or style you need from that page and paste it into your document. Or use the keyboard shortcuts he’s included. You can also use his helpful FAQs about when to use certain characters and styles.

He has also created a one-page PDF you can print out as a handy reference for some of the most common needs.

It’s free to use the full web page or to download the one-pager, but you may want to send a thank-you message to Jeremiah: [email protected], or give him a shoutout on Twitter: @typewolf.

(via: Subtraction.com)

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