You know what the world doesn’t need? Another social network for connecting pet owners. You know what fact is hard for most Americans to believe? That the United States produces more manufactured goods than any country in the world, including China.

Put those together, and it’s easy to be convinced that some great startup opportunities exist for those who stop focusing on marketing-related apps and turn to creating enabling technology for manufacturing, Arnav Anand, entrepreneur-in-residence at UC Berkeley, writes today on VentureBeat.


With the help of various technology tools, one can simplify the current manufacturing processes by building various productivity enhancement tools, collaboration and communication tools, manufacturing big data analytics platforms, and others. That is the premise behind IT-enabled manufacturing. For all the bootstrapping entrepreneurs, IT-enabled manufacturing presents the same opportunity to start a company from a garage rather than setting up a manufacturing workshop requiring hundreds of thousands of dollars, but with all of the same industry-shaping opportunities as the latter. This presents gigantic opportunities for entrepreneurs who are aware of the manufacturing space.

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