AP’s Joyce M. Rosenberg recently shared five things a small business owner can do to reduce their chances of employee theft. (The complete article can be found here.) Here are some quick tips.

1 | Make sure that responsibility for finances doesn’t rest with only one person. Business owners should have their bank statements sent to their home instead of to the business and given to their accountants to review.

2 | When a staffer quits or is fired, their access to the company’s computer system and email should be cut off immediately. Change passwords on any account the employee may have used.

3 | Watch out for suspicious behavior that could be a tipoff about stealing.

4 | Surveillance cameras can discourage staffers from stealing property. Even if a camera is not a deterrent, the owner can see who the thief was.

5 | If you suspect theft is taking place, consult with an attorney or HR provider to decide the best action to take.


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