If your business is one that encourages (or endures) Halloween costumes for employees, it’s a good idea to establish some ground rules for what types of costumes employees should avoid. The key advice is what we describe as the “Vampire rule of Halloween Costumes”: Some costumes that are appropriate for a nighttime adult party can burn you up–and even be grounds for lawsuits–if worn to work in the light of day.

Costumes That Should be Discouraged at Work

The gory costume


Violence and bloodshed before five p.m. are never good ideas, even if you’re dressed like a character from the Walking Dear.

The political costume


You can buy masks of Clinton or Trump, but here’s some advice: Don’t. Are you praising or mocking a particular political figure? Do you really want even more discussions of politics at a Halloween work break party? Perhaps it’s unavoidable in 2016, but try.

The ripped-from-the-headlines costume


As this is an election year, the “news” and “politics” advice will surely overlap, making this the year we ask, “How many Bad Hombres or Missing Emails does the world really need?”

The religious costume


Speaking of offensive, religion is another hot button costume category you would do best to avoid. Do your best to respect your coworkers’ religious beliefs and curb the desire to go to work as Moses or Buddha or Pope Francis.

The provocative costume


(Image: via Yandy.com)

Please. For goodness sakes. Don’t. wear. this. to. work. Don’t allow it. If you need more convincing, call you attorney and ask why.

The overly-complex costume


(Image: on Flickr via themarina)

Working is still your primary objective at the office, even on Halloween. Don’t trap yourself in a costume that will make work difficult, painful or awkward. Avoid costumes that are hot and prevent you from seeing, sitting properly or using your hands.

The let’s make fun of the co-worker costume

There is no better way to offend the people you work with than by mocking them at Halloween. Even if you aren’t trying to mock anyone, your costume could come across as condescending, mean or even a little creepy. And don’t say you’re Elliot on Mr. Robot if you’re actually dressed like the tech-support guy.

Featured image | VIA Flickr via Steve Jurvetson)

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