By making your store or consumer-focused business as kid-friendly as possible, you’ll improve your ability to appeal to their parents. Kids influence $1.2 trillion of purchasing, so it makes bottom line sense to think about ways to serve the children whose parents are making those purchases. Some ideas include:

Create a kid center.


By having a small table in a corner of your store filled with toys, crayons, paper and other appealing playthings, you’ll let children entertain themselves. This lets parents browse without worrying about what their children are up to — or what they may be breaking.

(Image: The Munchkin Fun Blog)

Have a store or office pet.


Perhaps it’s a few fish in a tank, or maybe your dog likes to come to work with you. Either way, when kids are able to play or observe an animal, they are instantly engaged. By letting them play, you’ll have time to talk to their parents–and maybe make a sale at the same time.

(Image: Fox Business Small Business Center)

Have some healthy snacks on hand.


Favorites include granola bars, fruit snacks, juice boxes and small crackers. Children are likely to exhibit better behavior when they aren’t hungry.

(Image: Costco)

Have some kid-friendly apps and videos on your iPad.


As you update your iPads or other screen devices, consider using the older models with apps or short videos for children of various ages.

(Image: Tablet Tutorial Hub)

Don’t condescend.


Parents are just as worried about bringing their kids shopping as you are to have them in your store. By treating kids with respect, you’ll earn the respect of their parents as well. Don’t assume that someone isn’t prepared to make a large purchase just because they have kids in tow. If the kids are happy, parents will likely be happy, too.


(Featured Image : Dr. Nor’s Blog)

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