Small business owners who don’t already provide it say direct deposit is the additional payroll function they are most likely to offer employees next year, according to a recent survey by Paychex, Inc. The survey of 500 randomly selected business owners with two to 500 employees was designed to find out what changes they plan to make to their payroll processes during the next 12 months.

Five payroll priorities for 2019

27% | Direct deposit
15% | Electronic paystubs
11% | Smartphone access to payroll information
10% | Daily pay options
10% | Outsourced payroll

“With today’s ability to purchase products and services with a simple tap on a mobile device screen, employees now value, even expect, fast and easy access to payroll funds,” says Martin Mucci, Paychex CEO. “Delivering payday efficiency, direct deposit is a recruiting asset that business owners can use to help attract top talent. It also has the potential to serve as a financial fitness tool, enabling employees to save automatically.”


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