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Meet this week’s SmallBusiness.com’s Small Business Pet of the Week, Addy Edwards, chief morale officer, CMO, at the Nashville advertising and public relations firm, Bill Hudson Agency. You can learn all about her duties as CMO on her very-own page on the firm’s website. On it, there’s also some great  information about the  benefits of having an office pet.

Not only does Addy have a special website page, she also has a Facebook Page.

We’ve actually met Addy in “person” as her offices are on 1st Floor of the building where you can find SmallBusiness.com on the 5th. We get to say hello to her from time to time, when she’s not too involved with her work and sleep responsibilities.

Addy loves cool floors and greeting visitors.


Rumor has it that Addy was upset recently when her boss, Wayne, informed her she could not have a side job with Uber.


Addy is a perfect Chief Morale Officer as just seeing her lifts everyone’s spirits.

addy the goldendoodle

(Photos via Addy.)

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