As we’ve noted before, some small businesses are truly dangerous places to work. However, for an office-bound small business, paper cuts and bruised egos are the most common ailments. Still, it’s important to always have a well-stocked first-aid kit available. Here are some suggestions.

1. Bandages and Antibiotic Ointment


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Stock these in multiple sizes—they’re an instant solution for everything from paper cuts to kitchen accidents. Add a few pair of rubber or latex gloves, just in case.

2. Ibuprofen


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Having ibuprofen on hand can keep a headache from sending an employee home for the day.

3. Antacids


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Stressing about deadlines and living on pizza are sure recipes for heartburn. Keep it at bay with antacid tablets.

4. Antibacterial soap


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This stuff kills 99.9 percent of germs, and during flu season, you’ll want to get rid of all the bugs you can.

5. Alcohol


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Rubbing alcohol is handy to clean an unexpected wound or disinfect surfaces.

6. Hydrogen Peroxide


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Also good for cleaning out cuts and injuries, hydrogen peroxide quickly disinfects wounds.

7. Gauze and Adhesive or Surgical Tape


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Like bandages, gauze has a number of handy uses, from cleaning and covering injuries to cushioning them when applying tape. Adhesive tape is useful for securing bandages or gauze, while stretchy surgical tape can be loosened and re-tightened if needed.

8. Ace Bandage


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When someone has a sprain or strain, play your ace—ace bandage that is. Ace bandages are terrific for supporting injured joints or wrapping sore ribs, and you’ll improvise hundreds of other uses.

9. Instant Ice Pack

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Available at most drugstores, you simply squeeze and pop it, and, like magic, you have an ice pack to chill a sprain, cool swellings or ease a throbbing head. In addition to these basics, we strongly advise that someone in the office be trained in office health by the Red Cross.

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