3M, the company behind Post-It notes, has teamed up with Evernote, the online organizer with a cult-like following among grad students, techies and lots of small business owners, to create Evernote-branded Post-It notes that work with the Evernote mobile app camera.

Quote from WSJ.com’s Digits Blog:

Evernote’s software will be able to recognize the sticky notes’ distinctive colors and help organize them within the app. In other words, Evernote’s 75 million users may soon say goodbye to the legions of Post-its hanging from bathroom mirrors, car dashboards and computer screens in favor of thumbnail photos of their scribblings. 3M says the app partnership is a natural evolution for people who prefer to jot things down — but are looking for more efficient ways to organize all those ideas. “Paper really is still the easiest way to write a thought down and remember it,” said Jesse Singh, vice president of 3M’s stationery and office supplies division. “This partnership seemed an obvious choice for us for the brand. Users can designate the Post-it notes’ unique colors for different tasks; pink can represent, say, grocery lists. Mr. Libin said that off-brand sticky notes would also likely work with the app.”

This isn’t Evernote’s first partnership with a popular print brand. A line of Moleskine notebooks work with Evernote app and smartphone camera to backup Moleskine journal pages digitally.

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