Each day, unanticipated challenges present themselves to those who own and manage a small business. Some are big, most are minor. But all would be easier if someone were around to answer the question, “How do I…?” That’s the reason we try to include several “how-to” articles each week. Oh, and one of our resolutions for 2017 is to share more how-tos related to running and growing a small business. Would you like us to answer your how-to question? Would you like to share an answer to a small business how-to question from someone else? Email either to [email protected].

Here are a few of our favorite how-tos from 2016.

1 | How to be a More Self-Motivated Small Business Owner or Manager

Learn the ways self-motivated individuals achieve a positive mindset. (LINK)

2 | How to Know When is The Best Time of Day to Make an Important Business Presentation

No matter how rational and high-minded you try to be, you can’t make decision after decision without paying a biological price. (LINK)

3 | How to Settle an Office Argument

While a workplace is not the best place to debate politics or policy, it happens. Here’s a suggestion for coping with it. (LINK)

4 | How to Balance the Small Business Dilemma of Knowing Too Much, Too Little

Small business owners must balance ignorant bliss and intelligent fear. (LINK)

5 | How to Create Some Private, Quiet Space in an Open Office

To cope with ambient noise in open-style offices, tricks developed for recording studios and factories are moving into office spaces. (LINK)

6 | How-to Add a Clever Index System to Your Business Notebooks

A simple indexing trick that helps you instantly find where you’ve added topical content in a notebook. (LINK)