Recently, a long-time user emailed me to ask, “Why don’t you post photos on Pinterest anymore?” Later the same day, someone emailed me, surprised they had never run across our Pinterest account before.

Well, yes. We have a Pinterest account and like some other sites we use, it has a simple-to-remember name:

Currently, it has 26 Boards and about 13,000 monthly viewers. However, we have a limited crew here (Translation: my dog, Button, does much of the photo selection). Button and I are fans of Pinterest because we’re fans of creative offices, and funny signs and, well, go see for yourself.

Current Pinterest Boards

If you’d like Button and me to feature your business or idea or category photo, send a link to us at [email protected] Or if you have ideas for more boards, let us know that also.

Images that indicate content from Pinterest

Below are some of our current PInterest boards we’ve featured in previous articles. While 14,000 viewers visit the boards monthly, we’d like your help to grow our collection and categories. Email a link with featuring something that may go great on a current board, or email with a topic for a new board. (Limited resources means we can’t promise we will include your’s but we’ll try.

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