Earlier today, we shared some suggestions for healthy ways to fall asleep. As we explained in that article, there is plenty of evidence showing that an adequate amount of sleep has multiple benefits. After publishing the article, we were reminded by a user of SmallBusiness.com who recalled that we have previously shared this post about several famous people throughout history having unusual sleeping habits. So to provide equal time to the non-sleepers, here is our list of six famous people with strange sleeping habits. 

1 | Leonardo Da Vinci

davinci(Image: on Flickr via MAMJODH)

Though Leonardo Da Vinci excelled in multiple genres–he was a painter, sculptor, architect, engineer, inventor, mathematician, etc., etc.–he had a tendency to leave products unfinished. This could be attributed to his sporadic sleep schedule, which consisted of taking short naps throughout the day instead of sleeping at night.

2 | Napoleon Bonaparte

Napoleon4-1(Image: via wikipedia)

When at war, Napoleon was a model of energy for his soldiers, fighting alongside his troops and developing war strategy for days on end. Though he seldom changed his clothes or slept through the entire night, the emperor was known for his ability to nap. Though an insomniac during times of stress, he occasionally managed to catch up on his sleep: After campaigning, he was rumored to sleep for at least 18 hours straight.

3 | Nikola Tesla

N(Image: via wikipedia)

Renowned inventor and electrical engineer Tesla gained notoriety as a “mad scientist” for his unusual sleep patterns. He claimed that he rarely slept more than two hours a day and reportedly once worked 84 hours in his laboratory without sleep.

4 | Martha Stewart


Martha_Stewart_2011_Shankbone(Image: via wikipedia)

Successful business magnate Martha Stewart sets aside little time for sleep, claiming she needs less than four hours of sleep each night.

5 | Winston Churchill


Churchill_V_sign_HU_55521(Image: via wikipedia)

Churchill believed napping was crucial. He never compromised his afternoon nap, which he referred to as “blessed oblivion” and an indispensable part of his daily routine. However, after 11 p.m. the great wartime leader stayed awake, committed to work until morning.

6 | Marissa Mayer


(Image: via wikimedia commons)

Mayer, Yahoo CEO, has admitted to needing only four to six hours of sleep a night. She relies on week-long vacations every four months to catch up.

(Featured Image: on Flickr via Janine)

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