Mastercard announced Friday (June 12, 2019) that it is expanding globally its partnership with the business software company, Zoho. According to Mastercard’s media release, the partnership will enable small business owners to have access to Zoho’s comprehensive array to software products and services. The Mastercard, Zoho partnership will provide global access to a business-solution suite of 40+ integrated business and productivity applications.

“We are excited to partner with Mastercard, a company committed to empowering small business owners across the globe. said Sridhar Vembu, CEO of Zoho Corporation. “This partnership connects small businesses to the innovative applications that enable them to access, manage and analyze real-time information that are critical to their success.”

“Mastercard and Zoho together are able to pair our smart solutions and scale them to address some of the challenges small businesses owners face every day,” said Zahir Khoja, executive vice president, Global Acceptance at Mastercard. “(Small business drives) job creation, productivity and growth globally; it’s critical that we find partners and develop solutions that allow us to help small businesses succeed.”

According to Khoja, small businesses will now have access to various solutions such as resource planning and finance software, customer relationship management marketing solutions, and more.

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