(via: AppleInsider.com)¬†According to small and medium business email management company Intermedia, 190,000 iPhones and iPads were activated on its network in the first ten months of 2013, significantly outpacing No. 2 Samsung’s 29,000 activations.


Since launching in October, the iPhone 5s rang up 6,906 activations, compared to the 1,521 for the 5c. Further, the iPhone 5, 4S and 4 all saw more activations than the newer low-cost model. The firm postulates the lackluster iPhone 5c performance may be attributed to businesses being more motivated to buy a device based on functionality than by price.

Finally, the overall small and medium business mobile market is still expanding, with the total aggregate of device activations increasing from 88,680 in 2011, to 217,050 in 2012. Up to October, total activations for the 2013 calendar year stood at 249,872 devices.

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