There are some things Apple does well and other things Apple does not do so well. Introducing new products to consumers, especially the Apple fan faithful, is something the company does extraordinarily well. Communicating with small businesses is something that Apple doesn’t do all that well. So, here’s a quick run-down about today’s Apple consumer announcements — translated for small businesses.

What Apple’s iPhone 6 Plus means for small business


While Apple introduced two new models of the iPhone 6, it’s the “jumbo” version, the iPhone 6 Plus (5.5″ screen vs. 4.7″) that should prove to be more significant among small business managers and other professionals who use their mobile devices as heavy-duty work tools. Having more screen real estate means it will be easier to use productivity, finance and operations-oriented apps. The size still allows it to fit comfortably in a pocket, but the display will be noticeably more comfortable on the eyes and fingers.

Another big “plus of the Plus” is a major boost in memory which will come in handy for the quality photography you can shoot and video you can record with the upgraded “iSight camera” (the outward facing camera). As we’ve noted before, photography is a powerful marketing tool. The iPhone 6 Plus camera and related stabilization technology is making the iPhone’s video capabilities competitive with consumer-level video cams.

What Apple Pay Means for Small Business

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As we’ve noted before, there’s a Point-of-Purchase payment system war taking place that has reached the point where we are having a hard time keeping up with who the players are. Today, another giant player entered the arena with the announcement of Apple Pay. (We’ll be following up with a more detailed explanation of Apple Pay.) One thing is for sure, however. Apple’s technology is already sitting at the checkout counter of thousands of small businesses who use iPad-based payment systems. And untold millions of consumers already have credit cards on file with Apple in the iTunes Store. So, while the Apple Pay announcement focused solely on large retail chains who have committed to support Apple Pay, you will see the technology rapidly rolling out to small businesses via third-party developers.

What Apple Watch Means for Small Business


Like the previous break-through innovations Apple has launched, it will be impossible to understand how a mobile device strapped on your wrist and synched with a powerful computer like an iPhone can change the way you work, play and connect with customers, friends and family. It’s the type of device that I’ve heard many people over the years say, “I have no reason for something like that,” who later realize it’s not a watch or whatever they thought it was, but is actually a means to do things they never imagined, like monitor hourly sales figures or tell a grandchild goodnight.

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