Why Being Late for Meetings Due to Unexpected Event Traffic May Become More Avoidable

Have you ever headed out for a business meeting late in the day only to discover yourself in the middle of a traffic jam caused by 15,000 people driving into downtown to attend a concert by a rock group you’ve never heard of? If not, congratulations. Having an office within a few blocks of several major performance and sports venues, this happens to me several times a year. “What’s going on?” I wonder as I u-turn and seek escape. “Oh, no. This is the day of that big concert by a rock group I’ve never heard of before.”

Here’s some good news for those whose business requires them to be in a car for a portion of each day. Waze, a favorite travel app of SmallBusiness.com users, is adding a program for the planners of major events to alert users of upcoming events and to communicate with attendees in real-time about road closures or alternative route suggestions on the day of the game, concert, festival, etc.

The feature will allow events coordinators to enter in their event, pick a date and time, then select the road closures and other things that might be impacted.

Right now, the launch partners are limited primarily to sports teams, including NFL and college football games. Soon they will include concerts by rock groups I’ve never heard of.

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