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Five steps to save small business during the pandemic

Five steps can help save small businesses during this pandemic-induced recession…

  1. Stop Commercial Evictions
  2. Defer Property Taxes
  3. Defer Commercial Rent Payments
  4. Defer Mortgage Payments
  5. Guarantee Jobs and Healthcare for Workers

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Coronavirus stimulus relief plea from self-employed to Washington: ‘We need help now’

“The self-employed – independent contractors, gig workers, temporary and part-time workers – number 57 million in the U.S., representing more than a third of the working population and driving $1 trillion in income, but have none of the benefits and protections that employees or even other small businesses do…”

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Amazon’s Bezos tells workers coronavirus will ‘get worse’

Amazon.com’s Chief Executive Officer Jeff Bezos warned his company’s 800,000 employees that the coronavirus outbreak will likely “get worse before it gets better,” according to an open letter shared Saturday on his Instagram account.

The letter follows cries from U.S. lawmakers and his own employees that the world’s largest online retailer isn’t doing enough to protect its warehouse workers and delivery drivers who endanger themselves delivering products to Amazon customers looking to avoid stores.

“This isn’t business as usual, and it’s a time of great stress and uncertainty,” Bezos wrote. “It’s also a moment in time when the work we’re doing is its most critical.”

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