We’ve been a fan of Flickr since its earliest days. Five years ago, we wrote how glad we were that Flickr appeared to be putting its house in order. But alas, things went down in a hurry. In that article, “Your Small Business Should be Using Flickr,” we wished (out loud) for the Flickr we once knew: that let us organize our photographs and use them in various ways — for both professional and personal use. We wished for the time when Flickr was a community with robust groups who not only shared photos but shared passions and help.

In April, Flickr was rescued by an independent, family business who also owns SmugMug.

Our response was like that of web-community pioneer Anil Dash:

A sustainable future

With new owners, Flickr has a promising future. For example, the owners knew that giving away a terabyte of storage (for free) is not a viable business model. (Remember, the new owners are a family business.)

Recently, they have re-defined the benefits of a “Flickr Pro” subscription and have placed a limit on photos one can store on a free account. Here are other highlights of Flickr’s new approach:

Free account | Limited to 1,000 photos or videos. New simple login (translation: not a Yahoo login).

Flickr Pro features | Less than half the photography storage cost of Apple, Amazon, or Google

Unlimited storage
Full resolution
Ad-free browsing
Advanced stats
Resolutions up to 5K
10-minute videos
Premier product support
“Partner” discounts
Discounts on Creative Cloud from Adobe
50% off a custom portfolio site on SmugMug
Peak Design gear

Pro | Annual subscription plan

Annual Plan | $4.17 $2.92/month*
*Billed annually

Pro | Monthly plan


Read the Fine Print | As we always suggest, be sure to review the details before changing your account.



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