Today Foursquare, the mobile check-in social media app, rolled out its anticipated “Foursquare for Small Business” ad-management platform.

Quote from the Foursquare blog:

Creating a Foursquare ad is super simple. All a business owner needs to do is go to and build their ad – by choosing a great photo of their space and either offering a special or highlighting a great customer tip. Then they set their monthly budget and push their ad live for people nearby to see. Any merchant can monitor how many people have viewed their ad, how many have tapped on it, and how many actually came into their store. Merchants know what they’re paying for – real actions and real customers. We’ve been testing it with a thousand businesses for the last few months, and the results have been great. We’ve posted some success stories, including Barcade, Bronx Beer Hall and Sky Room. Take a look, and, if you’d like to start getting more customers today, sign up now.

And here’s a video Foursquare is using to introduce the service:

Full Story: “Big News: Today we’re opening up foursquare ads for all small businesses around the world

(Featured Image: via blog.foursquare)

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