Selling has always been a fundamental part of a successful business, even as a salesperson’s tools have evolved. The use of mobile technology has led to significant changes in the ways leads are followed up and sales are secured. Here are 5 ways sales professionals are using mobile technology to gain a competitive edge.

1. On-demand Information On Demand (room service bell)

With mobile technology, sales professionals have access to account information anywhere on demand. Sales representatives can better prepare for a current customer’s challenges, a potential customer’s questions, a competitor’s unfair boast and almost anything they encounter in the field.

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2. Lead Organization


Organizing leads is the first step to closing every sale. By storing leads on a smartphone or tablet, you’ll have an organized, efficient and easy way to manage leads outside the office.

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3. Efficiency


Most sales professionals divide their days into time at the office organizing sales and time out making sales calls. Mobile technology allows sales representatives to manage, plan and organize their customer accounts and sales leads on the go. The time they’re not chained to an office means they have more time to pound the pavement to close deals and find new ones.

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4. Presentation

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Mobile technology offers a way to prepare organized, concise and impressive sales presentations. Whether a sales professional is presenting charts and graphs or simply showing a customer the homepage of the company’s website, mobile technology can assist in making an ideal sales pitch. And in sales, presentation means everything!

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5. Instant ClosingKhrushchev_and_Kennedy_Shaking_Hands 

Access to a mobile device in the field makes closing easier than ever for the customer–and the sales professional. With add-ons offered by mobile payments companies like Square, purchases can be made anytime and anywhere to fit customer preferences. Imagine how good an instant closing feels!

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