Are you overwhelmed with too much to do? If you are an owner or manager of a small business, we know the answer: “Yes, but I need to do more.”  Rather than suggesting ways to do more, the blog recently shared five ideas for doing less. While these suggestions are directed towards those who work in corporate team settings, perhaps they can inspire you to think of ways in your workplace to apply a “do less” approach for re-focusing how you spend your time.

1 | Stop editing your own presentations

Focus on the first draft. Don’t spend too much time on wordsmithing or formatting. Get your raw ideas down, then ask others to help you refine them. In the process of proofreading and revising your work, they’ll bring an important outside perspective that will strengthen not just the style, but the substance.

2 | Stop solving problems in hallway conversations

Management by walking around may sound like a good concept, but according to some studies, “drop-bys” from co-workers can take up nearly a quarter of a manager’s time. Establish a formal process for face-time.

3 | Stop attending meetings without an agenda

Beyond being a fast way to reach consensus on the key decisions that keep projects moving, team meetings help you build camaraderie and stay aware of what’s happening and what’s ahead. But without a specific agenda, that are a time sink.

4 | Stop answering instant messages

To prevent the back-and-forth of an IM conversation from derailing your train of thought, set a three-response limit for any text exchange. After that, suggest moving the thread to email (or better, a project management platform).

5 | Stop Checking email every minute

Dedicate blocks of time to check all your email at once. You might even add it to your calendar to let your team know this is how you’ll manage your email, so they have a clear idea of when to expect a response.

Dropbox Blog, “These are the 5 tasks you should stop doing today

Do you have suggestions for things to “stop” doing? Send them to [email protected].

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