Best known for a wide array of accessories and peripherals for mobile devices, Griffin Technology has released a variety of products for mobile device cord organizing for in a car, home and office workspace. It’s no secret that at, we’re big fans of all sorts of DYI and mass marketed cable organization solutions. We even have a Pinterest board on which we pin photos of new ideas and products we run across.

The desktop component of the collection is the Griffin Guide (starting at $29.99), a set of “building blocks” that include heavy steel bases that sit on your desk to which you connect magnetic u-shaped pieces corresponding to the types of cords you use. The cords are fed through the shapes and the steel base anchors everything sturdily to your desk.


Other products in Griffin’s cord organizing line include a cable sleeve organizer ($7.99) and a “car connections pack” for organizing audio input and mobile device cords ($39.99).

cabel guide

(Produced by Rex Hammock and Caroline Lewis)

(Photos: Griffin Technology)

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