When we first pinned a binder paper clip idea on our “office tips and tricks for cords and wires” board at Pinterest.com/SmallBusiness, we discovered we’re not the only office filled with paper binder clips that are doing something other than binding paper. It’s still our most re-pinned photo ever. Here are just a few of the endless number of ways you can use paper binders around the office. Except for Duct tape, it could be the most versatile tool in your office.

1. A cable, wire and cord organizer


(via: Our Office Hacks Board at Pintrest.com/SmallBusiness)

2. A hanging folder stay


(via: LifeHacker)

3. A desktop pencil, pen and photo holder


(via: Instructables)

4. A temporary photography light tent


(via: LifeHacker)

5. An iPad doc and stand


(via: Instructables)

6. A smart phone doc and stand


(via: LifeHacker)

7. A coffee filter holder and stand


(via: GetSimplified.com)

Do you have any suggestions for paper binder clips creative uses? Share them in the comments below or email

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