After seeing our previous posts about great places to shop local for the holidays in Austin and New Orleans, we received an urgent message from some friends in Richmond, Va., exclaiming: “Hey, what about us?” So we said, “Sure we’d love to shuffle down historical Monument Avenue through the bustling streets of Carytown and beyond the old neighborhoods of West End to bring you 10 small and local businesses of Richmond that are perfect for holiday shopping.” Thanks a lot to  Kristin Leuschen, Dorsey Dobias, and John David Crossen for telling us about these businesses and showing Richmond pride!

1. Plan 9 Music

Plan 9 Music

(Image via Plan 9 Music on Facebook)

For almost three decades, Plan 9 Music has offered new and used CDs, tapes and vinyls while supporting Richmond’s independent music community. The store often hosts live performances and boasts a staff of incredibly knowledgeable and passionate music buffs who can recommend the perfect stocking stuffer from Mozart to My Morning Jacket.

2. Peter-BlairPeter-Blair

(Photo via Peter-Blair)

Peter-Blair, one of Richmond’s most popular men and women’s clothing stores, can help you look spiffy before the holidays end. Started by Dick Fowlkes in 1993, Peter-Blair strives for a style it calls “conservative with a twist.”

3. World of Mirth

World Of Mirth

(Photo via World Of Mirth on Facebook)

Far off the beaten path of the mainstream toy store, World of Mirth caters to kids and the kids at heart. The store’s shelves are always stocked full of creative and unusual stuff meant to entertain, amuse and educate.

4. Nellie George

Nellie George

(Photos via Nellie George on Facebook)

Located on Grove Avenue near some of the oldest neighborhoods in all of Richmond, Nellie George is a high-end women’s boutique started by local Nancy Gottwald. This swanky clothing store offers incredible gifts for women of all ages.

5. Mongrel


(Photo via MongrelRVA on Facebook)

Need quirky gifts for your most eccentric friends? Shop at Mongrel, a hodgepodge store offering something of interest to all breeds of humans and dogs.

6. Need Supply Co.

Need Supply Co.

(Photos via Need Supply Co. on Facebook)

The best two words to describe Need Supply Co. are “stylish” and “eclectic.” This designer boutique features mainstream clothing for men and women and pushes lesser-known designer apparel you won’t find anywhere else. If you’re going for a hip urban look, Need Supply Co. will be your best bet.

7. Ruth & Ollie


Ruth & Ollie is a home design and furniture store that embodies old-style Richmond yet offers modern and bold choices, too. The store’s welcoming vibe makes for an easy, stress-free holiday shopping experience.

8. Pink


(Photo via Pink on Facebook)

Located on Carey Street, Pink‘s philosophy is that clothing is the ultimate form of self-expression. The boutique supplies high-end designer holiday gifts that could come from anywhere between L.A. and the Big Apple.

9. Agee’s Bicycles

Agee's Bicycles

(Photo via Agee’s Bicycles on Facebook)

Agee’s Bicycles, a family-owned business started in 1910, has three different Richmond locations that provide quality bicycles and bike accessories. The purchase of any Agee’s bike also comes with a free tune-up and one-year warranty to insure your purchases well after the holidays.

10. Libbie Market

Libbie Market

(Photo via Libbie Market on Facebook)

After the local grocery Ukrops was bought out, Libbie Market was salvaged by Richmondites and became a full-scale grocery store with coffee bar, bakery and first-rate butcher shop. Today, the local market store serves hundreds of hungry local customers looking for fresh local eats as well as unique artisan specialties.

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(Featured Photo: wikimedia commons)

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