Birmingham, the largest city in Alabama, is relatively new compared to most places of its size. Not founded until 1871, during the post-Civil War, Reconstruction and Industrial Revolution eras, it rapidly became the South’s dominant industrial and railroad transportation center with a focus on mining, the iron and steel industry and railroading. Today, the city and its surrounding suburbs have a population of 1.1 million. Birmingham has a diverse economy that includes banking, telecommunications, transportation, electrical power transmission, medical care, college education and insurance. And as anyone who has spent time in Birmingham knows, it’s home to some of the most inviting small shops and restaurants—great places to shop and dine during the holidays and throughout the year.



Photo: A’Mano

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In their own words: “Our vision at A’mano is to showcase one of a kind items from local artists here in Birmingham and surrounding areas. We have an excellent reputation within the local artist community for promoting their artwork and helping to get their name and artworks out in the community. In addition to this we have work form artists all over the United States and world. And because A’mano is not strictly painting gallery, we are free to sell all kinds of art, and we do! From glass to pottery to furniture and wearable art, we have a wide assortment of unique and colorful gifts that would cater to every taste.”

At Home Furnishings


(Photo: At Home Furnishings)

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In their own words: “At Home Furnishings is a unique, privately owned store in the historic Homewood district of Birmingham. We have been in business for over twenty years. Our wares are hand picked by the owner and staff to ensure that everyone’s tastes are satisfied. The flea market style makes the shop charming and inviting. Our incredible inventory, from India and China, changes daily.”



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In their own words: “For more than a century, Bromberg’s has provided fine jewelry and giftware options for the most discerning customers in Birmingham. Family-owned and operated since 1836, Bromberg’s has established a solid reputation as a fine purveyor of quality diamonds as well as jewelry timepieces and gifts.”

Leaf and Petal


(Photo: Leaf & Petal)

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In their own words: “Leaf & Petal was founded in 1974 in Birmingham in Mountain Brook Village. It started as a small, one-couple plant shop that grew in size (now, three locations) and number of associates over the next 30 years. It remains a down-to-earth, hometown business based on old-fashion customer service. Leaf & Petal’s working philosophy is to greet every customer at the door and give them one-on-one attention. This Mayberry approach has earned rave reviews, years of continual success and hundreds of dedicated patrons.”



(Photo: Oil.O)

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In their own words: “Located in Mountain Brook Village in Birmingham, Oli.O (short for olive and oil) is a family-owned and operated retail store specializing in the selling of premium olive oils and balsamic vinegars imported fresh from around the world. A fondness for high quality olive oil, healthy eating, entertaining, and memories fellowshipping around the table with family and friends lead to the opening of Oli.O in late November of 2013.”

Table Matters



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In their own words: “Table Matters is a one of a kind gift shop nestled in the heart of Mountain Brook Village in Birmingham. We specialize in pottery from all over the world and unique table linens. Table Matters provides in-home consultations for accessorizing your home and setting your table.”


Do you have suggestions for more independently-owned shops in Birmingham that are great for holiday shopping? Or, would you like to create a list like this for your hometown? (Be sure to check the list at the top of the page to see what other cities we’ve featured.) If so, contact us at [email protected] with your ideas. We’ll give you a shout-out link if we use your suggestion.

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