Looking for a few good contracts? The U.S. Department of Defense works with a myriad of small businesses, from prime contractors to subs. And there are a number of government entities that actively recruit entrepreneurs for national defense. The following five departments can help you get through basic training, work your way up the ranks—and master the alphabet soup of government acronyms.

Boot Camp


(Photo: SBA Headquarters, Washington, D.C., via: SBA.gov)

The U.S. Small Business Administration can help small businesses owners learn or hone business skills, determine if they qualify for government small-biz programs, and take aim at possible business. Where to start? The SBA provides a directory of Regional Procurement staff who can provide assistance.

Go to the Top


(Photo: The Pentagon, via: Wikimedia Commons)

The DoD’s Doing Business with the DoD Web page contains links to individual armed service contract information sites, as well as DoD’s Office of Small Business Programs (OSBP-we warned you about the acronyms!), and other resources.

An Army Marches on Its Stomach


(Photo: Defense Logistics Agency, Ft. Belvoir, Virginia. via: Wikimedia Commons)

The Defense Logistics Agency OSBP recruits small firms to help supply warfighters with bullets, beans and everything else they need, either in peace or at war.

R&D Aweigh


(Photo via: Mediawiki Commons)

Agencies like Office of Naval Research are always on the lookout for innovative small businesses to produce tomorrow’s military equipment.

Honoring Veterans


(Photo: vaguardpao via Flickr)

The Service Disabled Veteran Owned Small Business Council helps entrepreneurial wounded warriors learn how to meet the requirements for government contracts. It’s a win-win, thanking veterans for their service and also enabling them to continue to serve the country they sacrificed so much for.

(Featured image: on Flickr via DonkeyHotey)

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