A study by Payscale indicates the military prepares its men and women well for business in our technological age. The study shows that veterans are most often hired for technology jobs, which isn’t surprising since today’s military depends heavily on technology. The study also noted that businesses may be unaware that the military instills character and personality traits that are valuable to small businesses. Here are just five (of many) traits that make it a smart decision for small businesses to hire veterans.

 1. Leadership

George Washington at Trenton

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Every veteran has had the experience of being both a leader and a follower, of taking the initiative and also of following the chain of command. That’s invaluable in a small business, where each employee plays several roles. Veterans also excel at establishing and meeting objectives—another important trait in owners, managers and employees of small businesses.

 2. Control under pressure

grace under pressure

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Running a small business requires functioning well under pressure. That’s a skill most people have to learn, and most veterans have the equivalent of PhDs when it comes to performing under stress. They’re prepared to react well to the unexpected and to make good decisions in high-pressure, uncertain situations.

3. Teamwork and dedication

The Battle Of Takur Ghar

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From their first day in boot camp, veterans learn the value of teamwork for solving problems and meeting goals. Though no longer on active duty, veterans will remain solid team players by following respectfully and leading by example.

4. Integrity


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Teamwork and trust are possible only with integrity—service members have to be sure they can depend on one another to carry out their assignments. Doing the right thing is just as important in business as it is in battle. Integrity is the foundation of powerful relationships with clients, employees and your community.

 5. Goal-oriented

Naval Academy graduation

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Thanks to the chain of command, military men and women have been trained to set and follow goals. They know what happens to individuals who set and meet their goals—they’re promoted. As a result, veterans understand better then most that if you want to strive for upward promotion and success you need to set goals.

(Also contributing to this post were David Hollerith and Bill Hudgins.)

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