While speculating on the future of Apple products by observing the tea leaves of the company’s patent grants is not a part of the SmallBusiness.com beat, this news item was too fun to pass up.

According to several rumor websites, Apple was recently granted their first patent covering a foldable (or bendable, flipable?) mobile device. Apple filed the patent under an engineer’s name to avoid detection, according to Apple watchers.

There are many reasons that can explain the patent, including throwing off those who track Apple patents. However, some practical reasons could involve the development a wider range of iPhones that serve various marketplaces or the ability to use a panel for features that interact with Apple Watches and other devices. Who knows? There may be a two screened iPhone in the future.

While some are calling this a “flip phone,” it’s not likely to be that hip or retro. But no matter what it is, we predict there will be people standing in line to buy one on the day they are released.

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