When most of us think of pedaling, we think of hopping on a bicycle for some transportation, recreation, exercise or, perhaps, competition. Yet here are some creative bicycle businesses whose owners saw those same pedals and were inspired to start a business on wheels.

Heavy Duty Hauling

carrier bike

Move By Bike

A Swedish company in the city of Malmo, Move By Bike calls itself the country’s most environmentally friendly trucking company in Sweden. Who’s going to disagree?

Caffeine-Fueled Coffee Service


Bicycle Coffee

While Bicycle Coffee has its Roastery & Cafe in Oakland, the coffee can be found at markets, cafes, restaurants and hotels throughout the San Francisco Bay area. “Our coffee is always fresh and always delivered by bicycle,” they say.

Bicycle-Churned Goodness


Peddler’s Creamery

There’s a long history of bicycle-powered ice cream vendors. But Peddler’s Creamery in Los Angeles takes the concept too the next level: bicycle churned dairy and non-dairy ice cream and frozen desserts. Organized as a “Benefit Corporation,” 5% of the company’s profits go to social and environmental causes.

A Self-Propelled Party


(photo: Carrie Sloan via Flickr)

Pedal Pub

Started in the Twin Cities of Minnesota by two partners who obtained the North American import rights to the Dutch-made bar-on-wheels, Pedal Pub now has 30 licensee companies it has helped to start and grow from coast-to-coast.

Tour de Music City

green fleet

GreenFleet Bicycle Tours

Visitors from around the world flock to Music City to experience its musical roots and cowboy boots. And more and more of them are touring downtown Nashville by bicycle via GreenFleet Bicycle Tours, a business started by Austin Bauman.

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