The InfiniteUSB Provides a Cord Solution With Snap

usb infinity

We have a well-documented frustration with how to handle all the wires and cables that accompany new technology or electronic gear. So it should be no surprise that we have a new hero: Gonglue Jiang, inventor of the InfiniteUSB. While we strongly believe the idea is worthy of the Nobel Prize committee adding a “cool tools” category, at least the folks who hand out product design awards have already lined up to recognize the InfiniteUSB’s brilliance–including it being awarded the prestigious iF Concept Design Award. Most exciting to us, however: Now the InfiniteUSB is in the process of going from concept to patented product, being manufactured and marketed by San Franciso-based Vojotech, a company already known for adding design flare, color and engineering innovation to the most utilitarian part of the gadget ecosystem: wires.


How it works: Each time an InfiniteUSB is plugged into a port, a new USB port is created (see animated gif above). Instead of forcing you to constantly hot swap devices into that one port, InfiniteUSB keeps all your cables connected, with only one port from your laptop. (It’s a high-tech cousin of the way some plugs on holiday lights work).


Even though there is still a month left on its Kickstarter campaign, the InfiniteUSS, has already received triple its $10,000 goal (with a bullet).

And yes, our head wire hater put in his support.

(Photos: Vojotech)

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