That smartphone in your pocket has more computer power packed into it than most Fortune 500 companies had packed into their entire IT department a few decades ago.

So to what great heights have these wonder-gadgets enabled business professionals to accomplish? Judging from the statistic that 45 percent of the 20 top-selling paid apps in the “business category” of Apple’s App Store, the answer is, drum-roll, please: Document scanning.

That’s right! The iPhone has made us experts in scanning receipts, scanning business cards, scanning PDFs, etc. If you can think of a document, we can scan it.

Granted, there are some very clever scanning apps on the list. Some push your scanned documents into organizational software like Evernote. Others convert documents into spreadsheets or entries into your contacts software. There are scanners devoted to converting PDF documents into word-processing documents, which were likely word-processing documents before they were PDFs.

Take a look at the list of all those scanner apps (and there are dozens more) and ask yourself, “Is 45 percent of my time devoted to scanning?” If the answer is, “no,” perhaps you don’t have your priorities strait. You should be scanning more.


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