General Motors recently announced a program called “Gig” that rents their all-electric car, the Bolt, to freelance drivers for $229 per week. Part of GM’s Maven set of car sharing options, this offering is aimed at independent drivers working for the various ride-hailing and delivery services. (Article by Steve King, a partner at Emergent Research and a regular contributor to

The $229 rate includes maintenance, insurance, and free electric charging at EVgo stations and is designed to make it cheaper and easier for drivers to work for multiple services.

Key quote Car&Driver’s GM Launches New Program to Capitalize on Growth in Freelance Economy:

GM’s research shows demand is greatest for ride-hailing services at different times of day than it is for delivery services, so the company believes Gig can be a way for drivers to maximize their earnings and stay busy throughout their desired work period. Further, the program’s weekly rates can help drivers schedule vacations or other time off without having to commit to a rental vehicle for an extended period of time.

Gig launched last week in San Diego and will soon be available in San Francisco and Los Angeles. GM expects it will be in many more markets by year end.

The $229 price per week is quite aggressive, especially since it only requires a week by week commitment and includes maintenance, unlimited mileage and access to free fuel via electric charging stations. This will no doubt be attractive to people who drive full- or near full time, especially if they work for multiple services.

GM’s Maven division is charged with exploring how car sharing is changing car ownership and usage. Gig is a natural extension of their efforts. Ford, BMW and other auto companies are also experimenting with car sharing and on-demand car services.

This service illustrates the growing range of services and products designed to support independent workers. This is a clear signal that the gig economy is both growing and maturing.

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