So you’ve got a website. A Facebook page. And yes, a Twitter account. However, you’ve been hesitant on taking your marketing show to the big screen: YouTube.That’s right, “big screen,” as YouTube is no longer just seen on computer screens. From iPhones to 60″ HDTVs, all the world’s screens are sitting there, waiting for your video.

So where should you start? The same place all great marketing ideas begin: With answering the questions your customers already ask you. Call it advice, how-tos or instructional video. Doesn’t matter if you are helping customers get the knowledge they need to use your products or service better.

Providing answers, how-tos and other forms of help is an approach you can use no matter what size your business is. While it’s always best to have good equipment and to understand some basic principles of recording and editing video, you don’t need to be Steven Spielberg to help your customers learn how to mow monkey grass…or to better use Google.

Here are four ways to use video that any small business can serve as inspiration for how to create DIY video that will have viewers heading for your store.

Teach your customers how to do the basics

Bates Nursery, an 82-year-old, third generation family business in Nashville, keeps things brief and to the point with their how-to videos. Instead of simply giving pointers on mowing, owner David Bates walks viewers through the process of mowing monkey grass.

Teach your customers how to do the unusual

Another great how-to example comes from the guys at Pursuit Men’s Shop in Columbus, Ohio. Tired of having to go to the mall for men’s suiting, they set out to create a business where gentlemen could receive the best customer service, as well as a product that was more uniquely styled to their needs. Hence the founding of Pursuit in 2011. With it, they certainly put some guys in some suits, but they also found they were teaching a lot of guys how to tie bowties. So, at the end of 2013, they released a video on YouTube detailing just exactly how to tie one. While there are plenty of more popular “How to tie a bowtie” videos on YouTube, this is probably one of the better ones (at least by our we-have-no-idea-what-we’re-doing standards) due to its simplicity and quality.

Teach your customers how to avoid the easily preventable mistakes

Matt Cutts became Google’s top ambassador to the search marketing community due to his simple and effective approach to using all forms of social media to pump out advice on the best practices that lead to Google finding you on the internet. Notice how folksy and conversational — and lacking expensive video production costs — the video is.

Teach your customers how to accomplish great things with your product

This video is one of the most successful how-tos ever uploaded to YouTube. Even though the company had created an amazing nanotechnology product and had even licensed the product to Rustoleum for distribution through big box stores like Home Depot, it was not until they created this product-demo and posted it on YouTube, did the product take off. Perhaps some of the 10 million viewers of the video caused it to sell out shortly after the video appeared.

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