If your small business wants to use video online for marketing, training, or other business purposes, you probably think first of YouTube. However, there are several video hosting services other than YouTube. One alternative to YouTube is Vimeo, a hosting service that is popular with both professional and passionate-amateur video producers. (YouTube’s business is primarily advertising while Vimeo is a fee-based video hosting service.)

One free service that Vimeo provides to video producers is a helpful “school” that can help lead a user straight to a trove of helpful information and tips. Here are links to the types of helpful information you will find at Vimeo’s Video School.

Shooting & Gear

Here’s where you can find gear reviews, video production tutorials, and other pointers.

Lighting & Sound

Many times, the difference in creating a great video and a so-so one is the quality of lighting and sound. These tutorials can provide you some quick and easy advice on how to improve the quality of your video.


These articles provide pre-production advice and resources.


Articles on video editing, motion graphics, color grading, and more.


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