Halloween may be this weekend, but these small businesses are a little bit spooky all year long. 

Couture Caskets


Above: The Bone, a favorite casket for dogs. Below: The Basketball casket is a slam-dunk.


bball-casket(Image: CoutureCaskets.com)

After witnessing her brother fawn over a 1956 Thunderbird, Venus Smith asked, “Wouldn’t you love to be buried in that?” Smith took her comment seriously and started Couture Caskets, a custom casket business for pets and humans. One of Smith’s more pricey deathbeds for a client was a Vintage 1966 Shelby Cobra.

The Stanley Hotel


(Image: via wikimedia commons)

This legendary hotel was the inspiration for the fictional Overlook Hotel in Stephen King’s bestselling novel, The Shining. When the The Shining was made into a miniseries in 1997, it was also filmed here. If you book the hotel today, we highly recommend avoiding room 217 (where King stayed during his visit).

The Old Absinthe House

absy“Everyone you have known or will ever know eventually ends up at the Old Absinthe House,” claims the owner of this haunted bar. Located in New Orleans’ French Quarter, the Absinthe House has served spirits to its patrons for the last 200 years.

Obscura Antiques & Oddities


(Photo: on Facebook via Obscura Antiques & Oddities)

From a two-headed stuffed cow to art made of nail clippings, this New York City (Lower East Side) antique shop specializes in the obscure and downright strange. Obscura Antiques even has spawned multiple reality TV shows on the Discovery Network called Oddities.

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