Recently, we shared some statistics provided by the National Retail Federation about predicted sales of merchandise related to Halloween. Today, we’re focusing on some sweet statistics about Halloween candy sales from the National Confectioners Association. As always, we encourage you to #buylocal and support some of our favorite small businesses, locally-owned and operated candy stores.

Who will party? Who will stay home?

76% | Percentage of households who plan to hand out candy to trick-or-treaters
82% | Percentage of people over the age of 45 plan to be home to greet trick-or-treaters
57% | Percentage of Americans who will have stocked candy bowls in their home or office in the days leading up to Halloween
30% | Percentage of Americans who will attend an adult-oriented Halloween party this year
51% | Percentage of millennials who will attend a Halloween party this year

Beware of parents with hungry looks in their eyes

72% | Percentage of parents who confess they take candy from their child’s Halloween haul
25% | Percentage of parents who wait until their kids go to bed or school before sneaking some sweets
47% | Percentage of families that have a house rule that everyone must share
22% | Percentage of parents who claim not to sneak some candy away from their kids

Welcome trick-or-treaters (or else)

61% | People who will decorate their front porch or door
69% | Households with children who will decorate porch or door
27% | People who will dress in costume to welcome trick-or-treaters
13% | People who dress up a pet on Halloween
24% | Millennials who dress up a pet

How many pieces of candy per trick-or-treater will you hand out?

50% | Two pieces
22% | Three pieces

Did someone say our favorite word: Chocolate?

72% | People of all ages who say chocolate is their favorite trick-or-treat candy
78% | Ages 45-60
68% | Ages 18-29

Candy Corn | Just the FAQs

12% | Percentage of shoppers who will buy a bag (or two)
47% | People who say you should eat a whole piece of candy corn at once
43% | People who say you should start by biting off the narrow white end

How people choose what candy to buy

60% | Choose their own favorite.
20% | Decide based on tradition. (Candy Corn, anyone?)

Sources: National Confectioners’s 2014 consumer survey of 1,797 American adults and NCA’s 2013 consumer survey of 1,335 American adults

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