It’s estimated that 179 million Americans will take part in Halloween festivities this year—that’s eight million more than in 2016. According to the annual survey conducted by the National Retail Federation (NRF) and Prosper Insights & Analytics, Americans will splurge on costumes, candy and pumpkins for a record $9.1 billion in Halloween spending. “Americans are planning to spend more than ever as they gear up for Halloween,” said Matthew Shay, president and CEO of the NRF. “Retailers are helping customers celebrate in style with a huge selection of costumes, candy, and decorations to cater to ghosts and goblins of all ages.” And, as we remind you each year, include small and local merchants when planning your Halloween shopping this weekend.

179 million | Number of Americans planning on taking part in Halloween festivities this year
171 million | Number of Americans who took part in Halloween festivities last year

 $9.1 Billion | Estimated Halloween-related expenditures in 2017
$8.4 Billion | Expenditures last year (2016)
8.3% | Percentage increase in expenditures year-over-year

$86.13 | Average spending of each Halloween consumer
$82.93 | Average spending last year (2016)
$3.20 | Average spending increase year-over-year

 What are Halloween consumers purchasing this year?

$3.4 Billion | Spending on costumes
69% | Percentage of Halloween consumers who will purchase costumes

$2.7 Billion | Candy
95% | Percentage of Halloween consumers who will purchase candy

$2.7 Billion | Decorations
72% | Percentage of Halloween consumers who will purchase decorations

$410 million | Greeting cards
37% | Percentage of Halloween consumers who will purchase greeting cards


How will Americans celebrate Halloween this year?

71% | Hand out candy
49% | Decorate their home or yard
48% | Wear costumes
46% | Carve a pumpkin
35% | Throw or attend a party
31% | Take their children trick-or-treating
23% | Visit a haunted house
16% | Dress pets in costumes.

Where will shoppers purchase costumes and other Halloween supplies?

Note: While there is an item in the list that says, “local and small businesses,” other categories in the list are also small and local.

47% | Discount stores
38% | Specialty Halloween store or costume store
25% | Supermarkets
24% | Department stores
22% | Online

What are the top costumes for children this year?

3.7 million | Their favorite action character or superhero
2.9 million | Their favorite Batman character
2.9 million | Their favorite princess
2.2 million | A cat, dog, monkey or other animals

What are the top costumes for adults this year?

 48% |  Percentage of adults who plan to dress in a costume this year

5.8 million | Witch
3.2 million | Batman character
3.o million | Animal (cat, dog, cow, etc.)
2.8 million | Pirate

Pets? Yes, pets

While you weren’t watching, decorating a favorite pet became an actual thing.

10% | Percentage of pet lovers who will dress their animal in a pumpkin costume
7% | Will dress their cat or dog as a hot dog

And remember, shop at your favorite local and small merchants.

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