It’s Small Business Gadgets and Gizmos Week at We’re sharing items from the annual Consumer Electronics Show that are small business-friendly. Before talking about this item, we must remind readers that we have  confessed before that we are whiteboard junkies  at (Perhaps you missed our 5-part series on Mastering the Whiteboard or our gallery of Whiteboard masterpieces at

So it’s no surprise that the Smart kapp interactive whiteboard is right up our alley. With a new design and 42″ screen, this whiteboard is a breakthrough item because, well, it’s priced lower than $1,000 while other broads with similar features can cost twice that, or more.

Notes made on the screen can be viewed remotely in real time by using a web-app you can access from a computer or mobile device. Snapshots of board notes can be saved automatically to pnes laptop or mobile device, or even automatically to your Evernote, Google Drive or OneDrive accounts.

Oh, and Smart has developed a screen for the board that you can write on without staining–a killer-feature alone,

Stay tuned for more cool small business gadgets from CES 2015.

(Produced by Rex Hammock and Caroline Lewis)

(Photo: Smart Technologies)

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