It’s Small Business Gadgets and Gizmos Week at and we’re thinking about all those times we’re meeting someone for coffee and how great it would be to print something from our smartphone or laptop to hand over to the other person. (Ironically, we rarely need to print things in the office where we have a gigantic printer with every feature in the world.)

Unlike projectors, scanners and a long list of other work-related gear, one device that has missed the whole portability revolution is the printer.

Perhaps that’s why the Zuta Labs Pocket Printer was such hit on Kickstarter last spring, raising over $500,000.

Check out the video below to see how Zuta Labs rethought how printers work and came up with an approach they call “mini robotic.” Simple explanation: The small printer moves around the page.`

Zuta Labs will start full-scale production of the Pocket Printer later this year and is opening up pre-oders for customers who didn’t get in line on Kickstarter. Pre-orders are available on the company’s website. The $199 pre-order price is listed as “special” and delivery is not until September.


  • Black cover
  • Size and weight: 10.2 cm(~4″) diameter and 50 gr (~.77 lb)
  • Print Speed: 1 ppm
  • Print Quality: 300 dpi
  • One black cartridge included
  • Approx. 100 pages per cartridge. (Still testing)
  • ConnectivityTechnology: WiFi
  • Charging: Micro USB
  • Battery Run Time: 1 hour (60 pages)
  • Supported OS: Android, iOS, OSX, Windows
  • Special pre-order price: $199.00
  • Cartridges price: $19.90 (special price 2 for $29.90)
  • Shipping for 1 printer: $15.00
  • Availability: September 2015

Stay tuned for more cool small business gadgets from CES 2015.

(Produced by Rex Hammock and Caroline Lewis)

(Photo: Zuta Labs)

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