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Don Norman, scholar and author of The Design of Everyday Things, explains that technology at its best is invisible. It is technology so natural, it doesn’t need to be explained or come with a user’s manual.

Sony’s Symphony Light speaker is that kind of technology.

Imagine attractive lights arranged over a conference room table that look like those pictured above. Now imagine them not being just lights, but wireless speakers that provide crisp and clean sound. Or imagine the same type of set up with light fixtures throughout a small shop or cafe.

According to Vlad Savov, writing for, the Symphony Light is a wireless speaker that also illuminates your home or office. It’s designed to fit into Sony’s expansive Life Space UX project, which aims to make everything connected and centrally controllable via your smartphone.

When will Sony’s Symphony Light speaker be available and how much will it cost? Sony hasn’t illuminated us yet on those two important details.

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