Until the day comes when batteries for mobile devices last as long as we need them to (we’d love a few weeks, but will be glad when they last past dinner), we must depend on the creativity of those who come up with an endless array of ways to hide a battery that can be used as a backup charger when your iPhone peters out.

2015-11-03-nomad-wallet-02When it comes to clever backup battery bling, we agree with our friend, Khoi Vinh (Subtraction.com): Nomad keeps us charged with a steady stream of clever products. They’ve found ways to hide backup batteries or USB charging wires in a wide array of pocket-sized items like key fobs and carabiners.

Their latest is a battery hidden in the spine of a leather wallet. Nomad, a company known for it minimalist design, gave its new product a minimalist name: Wallet.

The battery holds enough electricity for a single charge for an iPhone 6 or 6s. Sure, you can find backup batteries with more capacity, but not with the same patina.

(via: Khoi Vinh at Subtraction.com)

Photos: Nomad

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