With so many new platforms and types of content available to small businesses, it can be difficult to know where to focus a small business marketing effort. But according to a new survey released by Adobe, the year 2020 was as the year video rocketed.

“According to a survey (Adobe) conducted of small business owners, 88 percent said that video drives more social media engagement than static images, and 86 percent said it leads to an increase in revenue for their business overall..”

Consumers are watching more videos online than ever before and are showing no signs of slowing down, according to Meagan Keane, principal product marketing manager for Adobe Pro Videomaking. The same seems to be true for the small business marketplace also.

88% | Of the small business owners surveyed, 88 percent said video drives more social media engagement than static images.

50% | Half of the respondents said their video production increased over the last year.

10% | Percentage of small businesses survey indicate that they started to experiment with editing video for the first time in 2020..

65% | Still not using video as part of their marketing and social media strategy.

Cadence and Content: Find What’s Right For You

What kind of video content should you be posting to your channel? How often? Finding the perfect balance that works best for a business will take testing. And more testing.

41% | Responding small businesses who used a cadence of one-to-two videos per month were 41% most effective.

31% | Respondents preferred a frequent schedule of 1-3 videos per week.

78% | Percentage of respondents who said adding these animated elements made their videos perform better than videos without

To get you started, Adobe has put together these seven types of videos that you can start folding into your digital marketing strategy.

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