Small Business Gadget: A USB Rechargeable Battery Equivalent to 500 Regular Batteries

Each year on, we declare this week “Small Business Gadget Week” because a sub-group of products launched at the annual Consumer Electronics Show are as much a “small business” product as a “consumer” one. It’s all about how you use technology, not the technology itself. Get ready for several posts that will tickle your gizmo bone.

Product: Pilot ECO USBCell Battery
Availability: TBA



Pilot’s ECO USBCell battery, a CES 2016 Innovation Awards winner, is the first USB rechargeable battery to use lithium polymer technology in a standard AA or AAA battery size. Traditional rechargeable batteries lose capacity retention and performance degrade quickly compared to lithium polymer technology. An additional advantage of lithium polymer technology is that there is no dangerous acid leakage or corrosion. Most amazing: The battery can recharge for 500 cycles making it equivalent to 500 regular non-rechargeable batteries. (via: Press Release)