Small Business Gadget: AIO Robotics Zeus Plus 3-D Scanner-Printer

Each year on, we declare this week “Small Business Gadget Week,” because a sub-group of products launched at the annual Consumer Electronics Show are as much a “small business” product as a “consumer” one. It’s all about how you use technology, not the technology itself. Get ready for several posts that will tickle your gizmo bone.

Product | AIO Robotics Zeus Plus


At this year’s CES (2016), one of the four 3-D printing innovation award winners was AIO Robotics’ Zeus Plus, an integrated 3-D scanner and printer with its own all-in-one touchscreen interface. The general trend in 3-D printing is currently on improving speed and ease of use. The industry still has lots of market education to accomplish to help 3-D printers be perceived as a tool for small businesses beyond product designers, developers and custom manufacturers.

AIO Robotic’s current product, the Zeus ($2,500), is featured in the video below.