Small Business Gadget: Griffin Solves the Missing ‘MagSafe’ Mystery for New MacBooks

Each year on, we declare this week “Small Business Gadget Week” because a sub-group of products launched at the annual Consumer Electronics Show are as much a “small business” product as a “consumer” one. It’s all about how you use technology, not the technology itself. Get ready for several posts that will tickle your gizmo bone.


Product: Griffin Technology BreakSafe Magnetic USB-C Power Cable ($40)
Availability: April 2016 at

For Mac users, the break-away “MagSafe” connector has saved millions of laptops from damage caused by tripping over a power cord. But with Apple’s latest release of MacBooks, a new type of power cord using USB Type-C is introduced — and the MagSafe safety feature is absent.

Griffin’s BreakSafe Magnetic USB-C Power Cable brings back a magnetic breakaway power cable to USB-C compatible laptops. The patented quick-release magnetic connector plugs into a laptop’s USB-C port and safely disconnects from the rest of the cable when put under stress or strain from incidents like tripping over the power cord.

Photos: Griffin Technology