Webbly, one of several website hosting companies competing for the market of small businesses, has introduced “Carbon,” a relaunch of its website creation platform. Carbon includes an “app center” that enables users to add additional third-party services with “one-click” simplicity.


Webbly, a website creation and hosting company, has focused its service on individuals and small businesses who want a simple “drag-and-drop” approach to setting up and managing a website or e-commerce store. Carbon is its next generation platform (or, “content management system [CMS]”) that provides new mobile-oriented designs and new ways to add services from other companies.

App Center

app-store 1
Webbly’s “app center” is a way to add new functions, services and features to a Webbly website that are provided by other companies and independent app developers.

E-commerce apps like Shippo and Switch are being offered along with apps related to social media, marketing, finance, customer service and reporting.

Theme Gallery

​Webbly says its new themes are more customizable and are fully-responsive, which means it can easily be viewed and used on devices with screens of any size, from smart phone to desktop.

Dashboard Analytics

Weebly users and merchants can review traffic, sales and a number of other metrics.

Competitive Landscape

While there are still a surprisingly large number of small businesses without websites, it’s not due to the lack of companies offering them the ability to have one. Companies ranging from GoDaddy to Google provide website solutions. Stay tuned to SmallBusiness.com for more options on the horizon.


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