Each week, the website LifeHacker features photos of workspaces they believe are cool or inspiring. Each workspace reflects the personality and approach to work of the men and women who spend a big portion of their days in these spackes. Here are some of our favorites from Lifehacker’s collection of 2015 workspaces. Each has a link to the LifeHacker article (click on the headline) which typically has a few photos of the space.

The Rustic Reclaimed Wood Workspace


A large L-shaped desk, propped up by what looks to be a massive tree branch. It’s a perfectly natural, rustic-looking workspace for two. (…)

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The Colorfully Organized Office of Container Store CEO Kip Tindell


Kip Tindell, founder and CEO of The Container Store, has a workspace that unsurprisingly features lots of organization products, from shelving systems to colorful wall corkboards to matching file and magazine boxes. (…)

Getting Things Done Guru David Allen’s Productive Workspace


Getting Things Done (GTD) guru David Allen knows a thing or two about working efficiently and productively. That’s why we can’t help peeking at his workspace setup, which has a refreshing mix of analog and digital tools. (…)

Glass Globes and Gorgeous Desk Accessories: The Ugmonk Studio Workspace


Ugmonk, a family-based business started by designer Jeff Sheldon, creates things like leather mousepads, typographic prints, and graphic t-shirts. So as you might expect, Sheldon’s home studio is visually pleasing. (…)

The Sun-Lit Hallway Workspace

A hallway can be a great spot for a workspace, as long as it’s wide and bright enough, as today’s featured workspace definitely is. (…)

The Woodworker’s Pink Workspace


This workspace is a wood shop which manages to combine a “girly” pink accent wall color with sharp-looking, powerful tools. (…)

The Pallet Wall Workspace for Two


Planks of wood from pallets and a solid 10-foot wide desk make this home office unique without ruining the minimalist vibe. (…)

The Reclaimed Wood Workspace


This workspace has walls lined with reclaimed wood that Flickr user getthef.ckup collected, dried and sanded, painted, oiled, and sanded again. The walls are like art in themselves that way. (…)

The Wall-to-Wall, Triple Monitor Workspace

wall2wallMany homes—especially older ones—have awkwardly narrow rooms. Often these are prime places to put your workspace, even if it takes up the entire width of the room, like in the photo above. (…)

Photos via: Lifehacker.com


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