We’ve heard the keys to successful real estate investing are location, location, location. But we never realized to what extreme, extreme, extreme measures some small businesses will go to make their locations unique. Check out these unique business locations.

1. Inside a 6,000-year-old tree.Sunland Baobab

(Image: on Flickr via gee-raff) (Photo: on Flickr via South African Tourism) (Image: via SouthAfrica.net)

We’re amazed at the lengths thirsty individuals from around the world will go to have a beer at the Sunland Baobab Bar in Limpopo, South Africa. Of course, it helps to know that it’s the only place you can have a beer inside a 6,000-year-old Baobab tree. The tree spans 155 feet in circumference and inside the bar, complete with electricity and ventilation, a wine cellar seats approximately 50 people.

2. In ice.


(Photo: on Flickr via Benjamin Dumas) (Photo: on Flickr via melolou)

Located in Quebec, Canada, Hotel de Glace is a renowned tourist hotspot—despite its being constructed of ice. The hotel’s appearance and architecture varies from season to season due to its three-month life-span, but its cool features include heated indoor washrooms, outdoor hot tubs, a chapel, a bar and a grand ice slide.

3. In the tallest building in the western hemisphere, before it opens.

Ground zero subway

(Image: via weburbanist)

This shipping container turned Subway franchise has to be one of the most creative solutions to accommodating a 30-minute lunch break. As  workers toiled to raise the One World Trade Center, this elevated Subway diner kept pace, and the view got better at each story. (We’ve written about it before in the post, 5 Creative Hacks For Shipping Containers.)

4. In a pile of logs.

Hans log cabin

 (Image: via pinterest)

This structure, found in the forest of Hilversum, The Netherlands, appears to be a large woodpile, but it is actually the log cabin office and studio for music-entertainer Hans Liberg. Equipped with keyboard and laptop—the timber structure enhances the music’s timbre—this rustic office is a perfect space to create music inspired by nature.

5. In a cave

Banhof (Photo: via Pinterest)

Though it appears to be the top-secret underground lair of a villain bent on world domination, this is actually the office and data center for Swedish internet service provider, Banhof. Originally built as an atomic bomb shelter below the streets of Stockholm, this cave dwelling uses waste heat from Banhof’s servers to sustainably warm the office.

6. On a desert island.

Fogo Island

(Photo: via pinterest)

Located off the coast of Newfoundland, Fogo Island is a desolate and barren place. However, thanks to the architects at Bent RenéSynnevåg, this building and a handful of others like it are available as home and creative spaces for writers and artists seeking beautiful, isolated and modern workspaces, or just to be islands unto themselves. (via)

7. In a treehouse.

Treehouse office

(Photo: via pinterest)

Overlooking Bellingham, Wash., this office was built by Peter Frazier, a customer experience consultant who decided he no longer wanted to commute to the city. Now, Frazier works happily squirreled away in the tree canopy, just a short climb from his house. (via)

8. On a boat.

(Photo: via pinterest)

The H20office is perfect for small business owners who would love to answer the question, “Where is your office? by singing, “I’m on a boat.”

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