Here’s an easy way to ease into fitness in 2014. According to the Mayo Clinic, sitting for long periods of time correlates to health concerns including obesity, high blood pressure and abnormal cholesterol levels. Excessive sitting also appears to have a link to cardiovascular problems and cancer. So how are you supposed to reduce these health risks if you work at a desk all day? One way is to invest in a standup desk. Here are 14 ideas, concepts, and products you can purchase that deserve a standing ovation.

1. A Custom Workstation

standup desks

(Photo via

This table was made by Tinkering Monkey, who say it’s sold out. Maybe if you beg, they’ll bring it back.

2. Techni Mobili Multimedia Cart

standup desks

(Photo via ATG Stores)

Lean, mean and mobile, this standup desk is an entire office on wheels.

3. Kickstand Desks

Kickstand furniture, standup desks

(Photo via

The kickstand desk allows you to spin, balance and kill two birds with one stone if you are a bike commuter.

4. Thomas Jefferson’s Desk

Jefferson's desk, standup desks

(Photo via

On display at his famous homestead in Albermarle county, Virginia, Thomas Jefferson’s standup desk is a one-of-a-kind workstation.

5. Ernest Hemingway’s Standing Desk

standup desk

(Both photos via Kei Noguchi on Flickr

Yes, even the famous American fiction writer, Ernest Hemingway worked at a standup desk, need we say more.

6. High Tech, High Touch Standup Desk

Rex's Standup Desk, standup desks


This standup desk was created from a discarded patch-cord rack by Rex Hammock, the founder and head helper of

7. The Empty Coca-Cola Cans Standup Desk

Coke desk, standup desks

(Photo via Marco Arment on Flickr)

This desk is also available in Budweiser for the collegiate scholars. This idea was created Marco Arment, the original developer of The person across from Marco’s desk is David Karp, Tumblr’s founder.

8. Shipping Pallet Standup Desk

Pallet standup desk

(photo via pinterest)

This one is made of old wooden pallets, quite rustic, yes?

9. Tech Command Center

standup desks

(Photo via Iceclass on

Whether you are gaming, blogging, coding, hacking, or simply working, this tech command center is optimal.

10. IkeaHacker Standup Desk

ikeahacker, standup desks

(Photo via Jules on

The diagonal slant is a great throwback for writers, readers, and musicians who are still very much attached to paper.

11. Winston Churchill’s Standup Desk

standup desks

(Photo via

Churchill was a great and unusual man; it’s no wonder that he chose to stand up at his desk.

12. Standup Desk with Cabinets

standup desks

(Photo via

Simple yet multi-functional, this is a standup desk for the standup person… and perhaps my first purchase of 2014.

13. The What-Were-They-Thinking Standup Desk

over-the-top standup desk

(Photo via

For the standup desk lover who is also a fan of  reproduction 19th century furniture with a paper shredder drawer. Perhaps in a couple of hundred years, this may be a big hit on Antiques Roadshow.

14. A Whiteboard, Standup Desk Mashup

standup desk

(Photo via

Updesk is a Nashville, Tenn., company making all sorts of cool standing desks. We’ve got to hand it to them for this: They’ve won the daily double with UpWrite, a combination standup desk and white board.

 See all these incredible standup desks and many more on the board.

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