Want to get that catch-all desk drawer organized? Want to do it in a one-of-a-kind style? You’re in luck. The following are “one-only” items found on Etsy.com that will inspire you to de-clutter that trashcan you call a drawer. You better act fast, however. As we said, these are all one-of-a-kind items. (Or, have they sold out already? Use this to search for more drawer organizers on Etsy.)

Wicker Organizer


A 12″x18″ four-compartment vintage wicker organizer.

(Seller: edsfinds, Price: $18.50)

Vintage Wooden Drawer Organizer


An aged, green colored drawer organizer with dovetail joints. This drawer can help straighten up your desk or wood shop, or you can hang it on the wall to display the junk you now have in your cluttered drawer. Measurements: 13.25″x9″x2″

(Seller: WeeklyTreasureHunt, Price: $18)

Hand-crafted Wooden Drawer Organizer


A divided tray to organize the contents of a drawer. Finished with a clear satin varnish. Sides are ~1/2″ red oak and the bottom is 1/4″ birch plywood. Constructed with box joints. External dimensions 11 1/4″ x 10 1/4″ x 3″ tall, Internal compartments 9 1/2″ x 3 1/4″ x 2 5/8″ deep.

(Seller: CellarWoodworking, Price: $30)

A Cast Iron Breadstick Pan


While still a usable cast iron pan, this caught our eye as a potential desk organizer with enough weight to never shift around, no matter how hard you close your drawer. Measurements: 15″ wide, 7-3/8″ deep, 1″ tall. Breadstick slot size: 1-1/8″ wide, 7″ long, 1″ tall. Weight: 5 lb., 11 oz.

(Seller: BasementBettie, Price: $32)

Vintage Dark Green, Mid-Century Metal Drawer Organizer


One side of this metal drawer organizer is long and narrow and can be used for pens, scissors, rulers or paint brushes. The other side is partitioned into eight, 2″ sections for paper clips, thumbtacks, rubber bands and such. This piece is in vintage rusty and dusty condition and has earned its rustic patina. It’s very sturdy and could easily be spray-painted should you so desire (though as so many people learn on “Antiques Roadshow,” doing that would lower the value if you plan to fund your retirement by selling it later on0. Measurements: 15.5″ x 6.5″ x 1.5″

(Seller: Back40Finds, Price: $16)

Poplar Wood Desk Organizer


While it’s not a desk drawer organizer, this hand-crafted desk organizer is a good-looking way to show off some of that junk you have in the drawer.

(Seller: WoodRestart, Price: $112.08)

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